White-Label Platforms

MindTek is continuously looking for the best solutions for its clients. It has developed a collection of 4 products each of which target a specific industry.
These White-Label Platforms are not ordinary rebrandable apps but fully extensible platforms in which the available functionalities have been developed in native environments, have been engineered specifically for their target industry and can be combined together in different ways to adapt as much as possible to the clients needs.
Each of these four White-Label Platforms exploits contextual engagement technologies made available thanks to NearIT to offer, through custom notifications and proximity marketing technologies a complete and immersive experience to the end user.

Compared to traditional apps, the main advantage introduced by White-Label Platforms is that of having a pre-built product as to reduce development and engineering costs. Furthermore, based on a client’s needs, it is possible to choose between an asset-base that only contains the platforms main functionality, a standard one and an advanced one with exclusive features.
Starting from the chosen asset-base, it is possible to add or remove specific features tweaking it further. This is possible thanks to the high scalability with which the platforms were developed.

The four White-Label Platforms, together with their target industries, that have been developed so far are:

  • FairMind: Conventions and complex events (Seminars, ecc..);
  • MindCorporate: Internal communication platform for corporations;
  • MindParty: Single and Local events;
  • Mind-Tenance: Industrial machine maintenance.

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