Tailor-Made products

During our development process, our highest concern is our client’s satisfaction. Because of this, MindTek has specialized in developing personalized Android and iOS apps.
Thanks to the expertise of both its developers and its graphic designers, MindTek can thoroughly examine, together with its clients, what solution best fits their needs creating highly customized functionalities and graphic designs.

Our Company has already built a wide variety of ad-hoc applications suitable for many different fields, ranging from retail markets to the management of industrial plants, from catalogue services to the organization of complex events from an industry 4.0 point of view but has also build more complex applications for tracking flight baggage to connecting bike fanatics and much more.
On top of that, thanks to the integration of the NearIT platform, MindTek offers unique functionalities of proximity marketing and contextual engagement, allowing for a more immersive and personalised user experience, as well as for a clear distinction to set its clients aside from similar products and potential competitors.

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