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Proximity marketing: apps and technology

With the evolution in the tech world, also web marketing strategies are adapting to a global market that is in a constant innovative change, this is crucial to stay as forefront of an industry. One of the most recent revolutions of relational marketing is represented by proximity marketing, a communication channel that acts directly on potential customers that are near to the advertising broadcaster. So, proximity marketing are marketing strategies that provide interaction with the end user when in a proximity range, leveraging the use of different technologies.Proximity marketing focuses in creating engagement opportunities with clients and offers them a unique, customized shopping or visiting experience, meant to happen “at the right place in the right time”.

For proximity mobile marketing campaigns, MindTek, depending on whether they take place indoor or outdoor, makes use of different technologies: GPS, NFC, RFID and BLE Beacons, small hardware devices that exploit a low-consumption Bluetooth system to exchange data with smartphones and tablets when in range.

Thanks to this ecosystem of proximity technologies, users of the proximity apps will be able to receive on their mobile devices contextual notifications, promotional messages, catalogues and multimedia, such as; images or videos created and designed specifically for that personal advertising campaign. Proximity marketing tech, starting from Bluetooth, are useful in the commercial and retail sectors and can find applications also in museums to provide insightful information to visitors regarding the works exposed. Proximity can also be extremely useful in Fairs, Event venues, and hospitals.

Proximity Marketing and the Beacon technology

Thanks to the proximity marketing app, developed by MindTek that uses the innovative beacon technology, it will be possible to send information and content to your most loyal clients, encouraging interactions and at the same time collecting statistic data about the places people engaging with the app from. Proximity marketing and beacons will become bigger and more important in the near future because proximity interactions present countless opportunities of engagement in digital marketing.

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