The MindParty platform has been built for club managers and event organizers with the purpose of building loyalty between customers and and a club by offering special discounts and services though a club app.

Even though, as far as event organization goes, MindParty is similar to FairMind (for example both MindParty and FairMind have a detailed agenda through which a user can obtain information and updates on specific events), its aim is different. MindParty’s purpose is not to organize events but to connect the user to the club or to a series of events and build loyalty.

Because of this, MindParty includes two specific features, a virtual fidelity card, through which a user can access discounts and exclusive sales and a proximity chat that allows whoever is in the same venue to view a list and chat with everyone that is nearby and if saved to continue to do so after the event is over encouraging the user to keep using the clubs app.
Through the same app, and though the NearIT platform, the organizers and managers can send the end clients push notifications that promote the club and motivate the users to participate in its events.

Contact us for further informations about MindParty: we will provide you a support constantly satisfying thanks to the helpfulness of our developing team.

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