MindCorporate is a platform that has been developed by MindTek with the purpose of improving internal communication between colleagues.
Modern companies tend towards wanting to promote internal communication and co-working as an essential productivity tool.
A communication app allows the company to pack all the needed tools into one powerful app stimulating cooperation between colleagues and thus overall productivity.

Thanks to the MindCorporate platform, the company register, that contains contact and business information on all employees, becomes available to everyone working in that company. Though this register you can create one-to-one chats or group chats with multiple co-workers, exchange messages files and media-files.

Rather than dividing communication channels between email, external chat apps, messages ecc communication can be done through one single app.
In favour of omnichannel-communications, a desktop version of this platform is available to be used in specific scenarios.
The communications app developed through MindCorporate features a personalized company agenda that is updated based on user roles and working groups, a realtime section that tells employees who is in or near the office using the NearIT platform and a help service, tip or booking service that can be used to book conference rooms.

Contact us for further informations about MindCorporate: we will provide you a support constantly satisfying thanks to the helpfulness of our developing team.


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