Mind-Tenance is a MindTek platform that is dedicated to the industrial sector.
The communications and management apps that can emerge from this platform aim to be a specific B2B or PMI tool. The main goal is to simplify, accelerate and improve communications between a business, its machines and its clients. In the B2B markets, the post-sales relationships between clients and suppliers are quite often discontinued and are only kept alive, inefficiently, in situations in which one of the parties require to do so.

Thanks to our communications and management apps the interaction with your clients evolves to a complete, immediate and efficient solution speeding up problem resolution processes and simplifying management or machinery interventions and installations, both with your suppliers and with your clients allowing them to have a constant communication channel with his suppliers at the same time your machinery, both internal or external will have access to a powerful communication tool with both sides of the B2B simplifying the management and increasing both a clients contentment and that control a supplier has on his products.

Contact us for further informations about Mind-Tenance: we will provide you a support constantly satisfying thanks to the helpfulness of our developing team.

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