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iBeacon Technology and Proximity Devices

The iBeacon Technology consists of small devices (called “Beacons”) which are able to broadcast information and content via Bluetooth Low Energy (in an operational range from 10 cm up to 70 mts). 

Through Beacons is possible to send relevant multimedia content (e.g. images, videos, polls etc.) to users who downloaded the App of a store or location. Beacon technology, along with GPS technology, plays a primary role in the proximity marketing strategy of increasing customer loyalty due to a better customer experience. 

Our vision of Proximity Marketing consists of an ecosystem based on App, Coupon, Beacons and Push notifications.

iBeacon and proximity: how it works

In the U.S. Macy’s shopping centre has been one of the first early adopter of the Beacon technology, it has been used for marketing activities related to their products. One of the most powerful features of iBeacon are the possibility to deliver the right content, to the right person at the right time. Just an example: If a user walks close to a store which is using Beacon technology, users will receive welcome messages or obtain a discount on particular products.

Thanks to this technology, by turning on BLE, people are able to receive relevant and just-in-time information on their smartphones. iBeacon protocol is fully compatible with both Apple and Android devices and BLE is integrated in the vast majority of devices.

Proximity Devices

Not only iBeacon. Proximity marketing ecosystem consists also in other kind of sensors:

GPS: It allows the creation of geofence regions and to send geolocated messages to users

RFID: RFID technology allows, for example, to replace physical barcode with a digital one, giving several advantages such as:

  • Reading reliability;
  • Ability to read multiple scanned goods at the same time: due to the fact that RFID transmits radius-frequency, this allows multiple goods with RFID embedded to be read at the same time;
  • Ability to resist – if protected correctly – chemical or environmental consumption;
  • Ability to work embedded into different kinds of materials (fluids, not fully metallic goods etc.);
  • Ability to read hundreds of RFID labels at the same time, and to communicate directly with the CRM.

NFC: NFC technology is widely used in the smart payment field, in order to better verify customers’ identity and to better manage contactless payments.
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