Hybrid Apps

Mobile apps can be developed in two modes, native and hybrid. MindTek, thanks to a team of highly specialized developers can develop in both modes.
The main difference between the two approaches is the language in which the application is developed and it is clear that a native application will have a higher engagement rate on the device it is installed on allowing access to device specific components that otherwise would not be accessible.
Hybrid apps, on the other hand, have less access to the underlying system but in certain situations can bring forth quite a few advantages. When the application needs to be used on a desktop a general rule is that the application needs to be adaptable to different operating systems, in this case a hybrid app would be the ideal solution.

The second advantage brought forward by hybrid apps is that they are cost-effective. Rather than developing two apps, one for Android devices and one for IOS devices, in a native language, a hybrid development approach would allow the developers to develop one single application that can be run on both devices.
Because of this a hybrid app is the perfect compromise between flexibility and functionality when the required functionality is relatively simple.

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