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When it comes to white-labels, FairMind is the app for conventions and MindTek’s most mature product.
It is in fact the first platform that MindTek developed and it has already been tested in different conventions and seminars.
It was developed for organizers that work with events that are structured around different participation levels and with distinct activities within because these types of events it becomes increasingly hard to give the right amount of visibility to each activity especially when these many and spaced out in the event venue.
Furthermore it is hard for a visitor to keep track of each activity that he is interested in participating in.

Thanks to our event app, the above becomes extremely simple and intuitive.
A user has a detailed agenda through which he can access information regarding each activity and host in the event. He can choose to bookmark the ones that most interest him and have the events information and updates and locations and more readily available.
At the same time the event organizers have access to a powerful tool to monitor the flow of people and staff, can collect important analytical event data and interact with visitors through custom media notifications based on a visitors location.
This way the whole venue can be easily engaged in target times and locations.

Contact us for further informations about FairMInd: we will provide you a support constantly satisfying thanks to the helpfulness of our developing team.

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